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(Inspirational video)

2023 - Making competitors look good? - 001 episode so far

[Opening shot of a gorilla wearing a suit, sitting at a desk. The gorilla looks directly into the camera and speaks in a deep, serious tone.]

Gorilla (as Scott Sherman): "Hello, I'm Scott Sherman. And I'm not your average real estate agent. You see, in the jungle of real estate, competition is getting hairy. But I don't back down from a fight. I'll use my strength, my cunning, and my superior knowledge of the market to outsmart my rivals and get you the best deal possible."

[Cut to footage of the gorilla in action, showing him fiercely pounding his chest and growling at other real estate agents. The footage is intercut with shots of happy clients thanking Scott and shaking his hand.]

Gorilla (voiceover): "But don't let my tough exterior fool you. I also have a softer side. I listen to my clients' needs and work tirelessly to find them their dream home."

[Cut to a shot of the gorilla sitting at a desk, smiling and holding a "Sold" sign. The camera zooms in on his face as he speaks directly to the audience.]

Gorilla (as Scott Sherman): "So, when you're ready to take the jungle by storm and buy or sell your property, call me. Scott Sherman. Because competition is getting hairy, and you need a gorilla on your side."

[Closing shot of Scott's phone number and website, along with the tagline: "Scott Sherman, your local realtor."]

I hope you get the idea, The above Ad is fictional. The Irony and satire used here is to bring humor in this matter while keeping in mind the professional conduct required in this industry.

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